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We have a rolling stock of 30 driving vehicles designed both for siding operation and for operation on the national and regional routes.

We own driving vehicles of the 121, 140, 242, 700, 701, 702, 703, 710, 721, 740, 742 and 749 series.

We lease locomotives both for closure construction works and for comprehensive transport of shipments in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We also lease several locomotives for siding operation, which is advantageous for those clients who, for some reason, cannot or do not wish to use their own driving vehicle.

We usually lease locomotives with engine drivers or conductors who are duly trained and have all licences and obligatory tests for performance of their duties in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We are able to ensure the relocation of locomotives to/from lease using our own railway transport operation licence.


Based on long-term cooperation with major companies home and abroad, we mediate the lease and purchase/sale of railway carriages of all model ranges. We lease carriages across the EU and we are able to ensure tailor-made railway vehicle lease, which includes the following:

  • Railway transport advisory services
  • A variety of suitable carriages for a specialised transport
  • Lease or purchase of railway carriages
  • In the case of simultaneous transport of goods, the carriage lease can be included in the transport price
  • Assurance of technical inspections to and from lease using our own independent carriage and wagon examiners
  • Assurance of technical and operational inspections, maintenance and repairs during lease period



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