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Rail Scales Centre

We own 2 railway scale load vehicles used for calibration of railway weighbridges. The vehicles are also used as a load during load tests of the newly constructed or reconstructed bridges and we also regularly perform calibration of road weighbridges using our own scale load. Both railway vehicles have been approved for calibration in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Both vehicles are equipped with a small crane for easier handling with scale loads and transmission for fine movement on the rail near the scale, within the reach of supply cables. The newer scale load vehicle can be additionally loaded up to the weight of 120 tonnes, i.e. 30 tonnes per axle and, using hydraulic equipment, it is able to lift itself above the top of rail and the wagon can apply a load of up to 2 x 60 tonnes in a  distance of less than 3.100 mm. This system is ideal for calibration of small bridges of tri-bridge weighbridges.

We have been using the scale load vehicles and scale loads successfully in:

  • Czech Republic – we perform official calibration of weighbridges for local weighing companies and, in the case of certain types of weighbridges, we are able to ensure turn-key revision and calibration using our own employees.
  • Slovakia – every year, we perform calibration of weighbridges for weighing companies, including dedicated comprehensive revisions



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