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Railway Sidings

We are able to provide the following:

  • issue or cancellation of official permits and licences pursuant to Railway Law No. 266/1994 Coll.
  • formulation of comprehensive internal regulations on railway operation or railway transport operation in accordance with applicable legislation
  • adoption of other duties including those not directly related with railway transportation in the customer's enterprise (this typically involves unloading and loading of goods, warehouse management, etc.)
  • lease of machinery and equipment as well as  for activities not directly related with railway siding transport
  • all agenda related with Regulation No. 376/2006 Coll., on the system of railway operation safety and railway transport and railway emergency procedures
  • all necessary training of railway siding operation for employees
  • control and supervision of activity related with superstructure, substructure, communication equipment, interlocking equipment and traction mains
  • lease of driving vehicles to ensure railway siding operation, both in the long run and to bridge operational difficulties
  • the function of safety advisor pursuant to RID and ADR by our own certified employee



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